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Below is a listing of the available strains we cultivate.  Each is unique in flavor and effect.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is the most popular strain according to Leafly. This hybrid has a bit of a mysterious past. No one seems to know exactly where it originated or who actually developed it. What is known is Blue Dream’s parents are the pure indica, Blueberry, and a pure sativa haze.

Blue Dream will let you slip away into a state of euphoric bliss.  Bringing out the enjoyment in anything you're doing.  Don't plan on waking up with Blue Dream unless you're looking to drift back into dream land.  It's a great strain for happy hour with your friends before enjoying a delicious meal at your favorite local hangout.  While Blue Dream isn't overly social in its general effects,  any social anxiety traits are left behind in a cloud of freedom.

Blue Dream's flavor and aroma are a blend of spicey pine from its haze side of the family with just a slight blueberry taste at the end.  Most consumers seem to appreciate blue dream in its original flower state, however the berry notes are more fully expressed in the distillate options.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure sativa landrace strain originating from the port city of Durban, South Africa. Cannabis or Dagga, as it's known in Africa, has been cultivated there since the 14th century.  The Durban Poison we see today didn't show up until the late 1970's, thanks to the efforts of US breeders Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank.  Additional efforts by Greenhouse Seed Co. out of Amsterdam have cataloged the strain in their immense library and offer seeds of the original genetic line from Africa.

Durban Poison's effects are energetic and cerebral with little to no lethargic components . It's a very clear minded strain and inspires even during the most uninspiring times.  While everyone's experience is different, it's important to note the creativity that comes through the entourage of the terpenes and cannabinoids

Thanks to it's very complex profile and high levels of essential oils, Durban Poison has a very strong  and unique flavor and aroma. You'll find sweet, pine, lemon flavors wrapped in the aroma of the dirt in which grew.  You can sense the earth is giving you some of her best fruits.

Honey Bananas

Honey Bananas is an indica dominant hybrid originating in San Jose, California, and created by Elemental Seeds. It’s parents are the indica dominant Strawberry Banana and Honey Boo Boo.


Initially, the effects of Honey Bananas are creative euphoria and relaxation. This feeling will likely last a while before the inevitable heavy sedative effects take hold and you are fast asleep. This is a perfect strain for those that use cannabis to sleep, but would like to experience the high for a while before it's lights out.  You may have a slightly different experience with Honey Bananas, but one thing everyone will agree on is the sweet flavors of bananas and honey.


This delicious strain has a very unique taste and aroma that is very much like it's namesake. Aside from the very apparent honey and banana notes, it is generally sweet on the nose and fairly floral and earthy notes.  This is our Owner, Kevin Farmer's favorite evening terpene entourage.

Purple Krypt

Purple Kryptonite (aka Purple Krypt) is a hybrid strain from California. Purple Haze and Kryptonite were brought together to create this knockout indica.  You can expect chunky buds and loaded with oil laden tricomes.

Purple Krypt's effects are slow building and long lasting. It's a fantastic strain to help wash away the worries and stress of the day before drifting off into a deep sleep. Lower in THC potency than the Honey Bananas, this strain is a great option for those that deal with a fair amount of anxiety when consuming cannabis but still want the sedative indica effects before a good night's sleep.

Purple Krypt has a beautifully sweet and floral aroma.  Strong notes of grape and mixed berries present theselves in the front with a slight gassy backend.  The Distillate produced from Purple Krypt is flavorful and packs a powerful punch.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a bit of a mystery in terms of its creator.  Widely popular through the US, it first started to gain attention in the early 1990's, and is believed to be the offspring of Chem Dawg 91 and Super Skunk. Today, it is one of the most popular and revered strains available. A true classic sought after by the true connoisseur.

Sour Diesel's effects are noticeable immediately. It boasts an energetic high with clear focus.  It is unusual for the user to experience anxiety with Sour Diesel.  The strain is a typical go to for those looking for a productive day full of energy.  

Sour Diesel's uniquely strong, pungent and diesel-like aroma give its name. Hints of lemon come through when you look for them.  Sour Diesel is our Owner, Kevin Farmer's go to day time option.  


Tangie is a sativa dominant hybrid cultivated by DNA Genetics out of Amsterdam and Crockett Farms out of California. It was born from the marriage of California Orange and Skunk No.1, and was intended to pay tribute to the popular strain from the 1990's, Tangerine Dream.

Tangie's effects are generally uplifting. It's a suitable strain for the active daytime user and is a wonderful strain to reach for when you're doing something alertness and lucid thoughts.

Tangie comes on strong with citrus/orange/tangerine flavors before melting into a smooth sweet exhale.  Tangie is widely known for it's concentrates.  Wait until you taste the Rosin off of this strain.  Delicious!!!